The HALOSTAGE at Studio Babelsberg in Studio 10.

Second Floor


Main LED Wall

Ceiling LED

OptiTrack Tracking System

Movable LED Gate

Additional Facilities

On-Premise Server-Room

Our main LED wall is exchangeable and extendable if needed. The current panels are completely flexible, enabling tighter curves than usual. The current setup is as follows: 

  • 174 sqm / 1872 sqft – 2.6mm Inspire LED
  • Height: 6m / 20ft | Width: 29m / 95 ft
  • 1500 Nits max. brightness
  • Novastar MX40 + Extender Units

Our ceiling LED is exchangeable and extendable if needed. It is completely movable anywhere in the front part of the studio and can be angled at max. 45°. The current setup is as follows: 

  • 36 sqm / 388 sqft – 7.8mm Inspire LED
  • Length: 6m / 20ft | Width: 6m / 20 ft
  • 5000 Nits max. brightness
  • Novastar MX40 + Extender Units

The movable LED gate is specced with a similar material to the main LED wall and is completely movable by hand. This enables you to generate more targeted reflections.

  • 12 sqm / 129 sqft – 2.6mm Inspire LED
  • Height: 4m / 13ft | Width: 3m / 10ft
  • 1500 Nits max. brightness
  • Novastar MX40 + Extender Units

The HALOSTAGE Babelsberg is specced with an OptiTrack tracking system and used with a Cine-Puck with an additional IMU + active LEDs for maximum reliability. The Cine-Puck needs to be added to the camera on set to be used. 

  • 24x PrimeX 41 Tracking Cameras
  • Motive 2 Capture Software
  • Optional: nCam Tracking System for difficult sets

For maximum reliability and we have all our render hardware in a separate, climate and access-controlled server room. Everything is wired via fibre into the studio. We have a 100TB NAS for data storage and file distribution, sync and other necessary hardware as well as 8 rendernodes (and one hot spare) with each:

  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3975WX, 32 Core
  • Nvidia RTX A6000
  • 10G networking

At our Brainbar, we have two systems for general control – one Unreal Master and one Pixera Master which are operated by our technicians. The Brainbar can house up to five additional artists with monitoring and multi-user control. The artist systems should be provided by the VFX vendor and can be added to the HALOSTAGE 10G base network. We are currently running the following systems: 

  • Unreal 5.1 (DLSS + Lumen + Nanite)
  • Pixera (2D Content)
  • Custom Color Pipeline

The second floor above the brainbar is a carpeted area for clients, video villages, additional workstations, changing rooms and more. The area is free for production to use. It is also a great area for crafty and production-relevant areas, as it is secluded from the busy studio floor. 

If required by the production, HALOSTAGE can provide additional facilities upon request. The facilities include a green room, hair-and-makeup rooms, office and production space and storage for your server hardware. All facilities are available upon request.


Studio 10 is a real soundstage. The LED, end everything around it is completely silent for maximum quietness.

Studio Babelsberg

With the Babelsberg location come all the amenities of the Studio Babelsberg complex - equipment, personnel, ...


The studio has a loading dock and double doors, meaning no one can see anything their not supposed to.


All systems and critical technology are redundant and configured as hot spares - which leads to no downtimes.

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