Any shape, any time, anywhere.


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We have setup volumes and walls in over 10 countries, for film, commercial and events. 

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Large scale volumes

We’ve already set up multiple temporary volumes above 100 sqm for film and commercial productions. 

square meters

We have over 1.200 sqm of ICVFX optimised 2.6mm LED readily available and even more of every other LED type.

Pick your volume.

Or let's design an new one.

As HALOSTAGE, we are able to provide any shape, size and type of LED and volume. Anywhere in the world. That enables us to fine-tune the technology to your needs and optimise the budget to its biggest potential. We are able to meet any budget –  from small-budget to tentpole features. If you have the need for a top-notch pop-up studio, feel free to reach out to any of our team members to get a free consultation and a first estimate on the potential costs and savings!

"Atlantic ocean"
"Sahara Desert"
"Mojave Desert"

With you every step of the way

With HALOSTAGE you are never on your own. There will always be an expert for your questions available at all times.



We'll help with calculations and cost analysis, breakdowns, figuring out your exact needs, test shoots, camera tests, content preparation and limitations, deliveries and on-site testing.


Principal Shooting

We support with technological supervision, on-set supervision, and the operational crew on site. We are able to lead and provide any crew and are trained on all standard systems.



If needed, our crew will provide the post department with additional renders, shot reports, tracking, metadata, and anything else that might be needed to finish the production.

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