Any shape, any time, anywhere.


No matter if you visit our permanent stages or we build a temporary volume for you - the quality will always be top-notch.


We aim to deliver the best of the best - that means we are there for you from the beginning and accompany you along the journey.

Track record

Halostage has a proven track record of successful productions in feature film, commercials and live events since over 20 years.

Own technology

Halostage develops the next generation of ICVFX LEDs, pipeline tools, and infrastructure for maximum performance.


HALOSTAGE (a brand by ICT) is one of the leading providers of ICVFX/LED Virtual Production. Offering top-notch technology and expertise, HALOSTAGE has worked on a number of tentpole feature films, big commercials, live performances and everything in between. HALOSTAGE is located in Babelsberg, Berlin and temporarly deployable anywhere in the world. Our over 20 years of experience in the setup and operation of LED walls over the entire planet is now combined with the expertise and knowledge on how to achieve the best results in camera. Offering anything from hardware to the entire turnkey solution, HALOSTAGE is your partner for your next endeavour in the amazing world of virtual production.

HALOSTAGE will deliver the perfect volume, tailor-made for your needs.

Our Vision

Just as there are thousands of different types of productions, there are a thousand different ways to use LEDs for ICVFX. Our goal is to guide any production through this spiderweb of possibilities and deliver the perfect result along the way. We strive to push the boundaries of ICVFX from all angles. That means we design our own LEDs, improve the workflow along the entire pipeline, develop new tools and deliver a perfect result 100% of the time.

Our Mission

We want to provide the future filmmaking technology for feature films and commercials. To achieve that, we work every day to improve the technology and workflows behind it, test it on real shoots and stay ahead of the curve. We also train the next generation of ICVFX experts and all relevant key personnel on location. We are closely working with universities and interested people all over the world to push the technology further and further.

Our Process

To perfectly suit your needs, we're not only looking at the LED part of your production but the entire pipeline. Our goal is to accompany your production from script and concept all the way to postproduction. We offer breakdowns, previs and conceptional consulting and the supervision during the shoot. Our metadata capture seamlessly integrates with established post pipelines and will be delivered in perfect quality and on time.

Our Team

Even more important than the perfect hardware is the perfect team. We're working with a strong network of experienced Virtual Production TDs, Virtual Production Supervisors, Producers and more. Depending on your needs, we will seamlessly integrate with your existing crew and fill the missing spots or supply all needed positions - from LED technicians to Unreal artists - for a successful production.

Strong Partnerships

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